Dinwiddie Elementary School Morning Drop-Off and Afternoon Pick-Up Procedures (2020-2021)

Morning Drop Off

Side door on the gravel parking lot opens at 8:40AM. Students report directly to class when they enter the building, walking on the right hand side of the hallway.   Breakfast will be offered to every student and delivered to their classroom starting at 9:15AM.

Side doors in the gravel parking lot close at 8:55AM

Once doors are closed students walk to the front of the building and enter the front doors. Students can walk to class on their own if they enter through the front doors of the school.

Afternoon Pick –Up (Cafeteria Doors)

Parents have been given a number associated with their child. This number is to be placed on the dashboard of the vehicle. Each parent can receive two cards with their child’s number to start the school year. No more than 3 numbers are issued per family. Parents can give the card to any person they want to pick up their child. Parents remain in their vehicle and drive around to the steps leading off the gravel lot. Children are monitored while they walk to their pick up vehicle. Students are not called to the gravel parking lot until 3:00PM.

*Any authorized person picking up children for the first time must know at least the child’s last name,  homeroom teacher and/or grade level.